OpenStreetMap landuse and buildings

While correcting and documenting a modification of a lot tagged as building, I wondered how to keep the lot defined.

The original edit was :

with the following tags :

This is clearly wrong, because the whole lot is tagged as building.
But I understand that the mapper wants to indicate the whole area/lot as belonging to Jollibee, and not only the building.

So I modified the Jollibee as:

with the following tags :

But this has several problems too:

1. I tagged the lot as "landuse=retail;" and I don't know if that is the correct type of landuse (normally for shops).
2. Tagging with landuse is normally intended for large areas, not for separate lots.

3. If we change the "Promenade" too, without adding the building, we lose the "building = appartments" tag, so we don't know what kind of residential area the "Promenade" is. (This could be solved by adding the real bulding outline.)

Any idea how to map lots in a better way ?

Link to thread on talk-ph - OSM : talk-ph message